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complaint against wholesale travel connection in charleston sc.they called our home telephone and told us that they are going to have a raffle and we could win big prizes and we only had to listen to a 1hr.

30min. seminar. they assigned us a high pressure sales person who coerced and pressured us to buy this wonderfull membership scam for 6,594.00 dollars. they were closing and dimming the lights and told us just sign everything where we put a cross.

the very next day we went back to cancel and they told us we could not cancel.

they have no regard for the consumer only their sale.for that price consumer can book their own vacation.



Cannot believe I fell for *** of me.I had just retired from 46 years of teaching and was so ready to travel.

Now I have nothing.Help me.


I and my husband were scammed of $5000 so called membership fee for travel and vacation services that I have never seen.I have also called and emailed so many times and have received no response from them.

I contacted the better business bureau in south carolina and of course, they sided with their member! I have been trying to get a quote from them for two months and I have not even heard from them. I signed up with them because they lied to us about cheaper airfares. We too didn't know that we couldn't cancel.

I had to charge my credit card hoping i would save with this company.I am so so disappointed and angry!


Just tell your all your friends when they pass through South Carolina not to buy anything from Wholesale Travel Connection. Charlotte is a beautiful city but this puts a black mark on it.We were scammed, too.

Vermont Travelers


We purchased membership to this company in Feb.'10.

We have had nothing but customer services issues but most importantly, we've seen none of the savings promised during the sales presentation. We asked for a refund and were told to use the new fulfillment company and if we had the same customer service issues, they would "consider" giving us a refund in a year. They said that if we didn't like that, we could take them to court. Wow!

What a way to stand by your product! So, we've tried the new fulfillment company. Seriously, I can save more at the grocery store than they are going to save us on vacation. If you've had the same problems and are a member of Facebook, search for "Wholesale Travel Connection is a scam" and click "like".

Share your experience.Hopefully, others can learn a lesson from our mistakes.


Have any of you been successful in getting a refund or an improvement in service?


We have had the same problems as many of you have reported above.We have issued our grievances to Wholesale Travel Connection and have basically been told that we can accept their resolution (which is more of the same from what we have experienced) or sue.

They are willing to take that chance.

I'm willing to work with any of you who are willing.Please let me know.


I signed up for a membership and have not been able to get any benefits...class action suit anyone??


I purchased my membership in February.I was promised great things.

I have asked them to schedule 2 trips for me. The first trip took over 20 phone calls by me and 3 months for them to just make hotel reservations!

In June, I asked them to make travel arrangements for a trip in December. I have sent them over 20 e-mails and have made over 50 phones calls to them.

All I ever get from them is that they will have someone return my call. I do not get return phone calls. I am MAD as a hornet about this!

I have requested a refund verbally and in writing.No response.


We to were ripped off.Bought the first part of Aug 2010 and have been trying ever since schedule a trip for spring.

Call number and always get "someone is working on it", "they will call you back". Number for sales office has message to "leave a message".

Beware.We have learned our lesson.


I've been a member for the last eight months and have used and enjoyed my program immensely,it sounds like most of these complaints are concerning buyers remorse, not a devious company with misleading info.


If any of you were NOT explained the cancellation policy can you please contact me.I was told by the owner I was going to hear from him yesterday.

Now I might be forced into hiring an attorney.

Please help if you can.I am trying to move from a farm that cost a lot to run (widow/disabled) I won't be able to do it if I don't get a mortgage.


If any of you were NOT explained the cancellation policy can you please contact me.I was told by the owner I was going to hear from him yesterday.

Now I might be forced into hiring an attorney.

Please help if you can.I am trying to move from a farm that cost a lot to run (widow/disabled) I won't be able to do it if I don't get a mortgage.


I really need to talk to you about this. 423-519-2257


Can all of you dissatisfied customers contact me.I have the names of 2 other people who were deceived and lied to along with me.

I believe if we all contact the Attorney Generals office as a group we might be able to show this. We need to do this quickly before the summer is over. I fear they will pack up and move, change their name and set up shop somewhere else! One of the customers called 20 times and they never called back and couldn't give them what they PROMISED all of us great deals on vacations.

These 2 gals are willing to join the group.

They lied to the BBB and they believed them with all of us.Perhaps if we drop the file on the BBB desk and AG they will take another look at them Please be proactive in this...I'm begging you! 423-519-2257


We sat through the same sales pitch last week. We just continued to tell them it wasn't right for us and collected our tickets and dinner money at the end. You have to be firm with them.


We have reported this company to the South Carolina Better Business Bureau. We, too, are trying to get our money back, but I'm afraid it was a $3,000 life lesson. :cry :cry :cry


Did any of you hear the word cancellation in their lecture, sales pitch or see the word cancellation or was explained the SC law?I wasn't and also had a witness to this.

I believe it is very misleading to change the language on a "membership" to trick someone into not being able to cancel.

I too will contact the attorney general if I have to put out one more oz.of stress thinking about this greedy, misleading, immoral company.


We sat through the presentation, received our certificates for dinner, etc.and just said NO.

I found if I say no it does't fit for me with convicition they believe me.They, like time share salesmen, are hard closers.


I'm praying that I will be able to get out of this club.I agree..

I went through the same thing on top of it I told the sales person I really needed to have someone else review the papers. I was on vacation just getting over a nightmare concerning a contract. The employees seem so nice and convincing. I spoke to the owner 24 hours later to explain my situation.

I feel *** for not knowing what the word rescission meant and assumed I had 3 days to thing about if this was going to work for me. I suffer from severe depression along with other physical problems and did disclose this information. I was told that there was a "peace of mind" guarantee which is suppose to have you feel happy about the decision. I talked to the owner and expressed all my concerns and I'm praying that he does the right thing.

I just can't afford to lose this money and it took me 4 years to recoup the money from the other contract which I did win. If they only changed the wording in the paper you had to initial most people would not be in this situation. Cancellation policy was never discussed with me and most state allow you 3 days.

So I hope all of you resolve you problems with this company and I'm hoping the company does the right thing.I just mentally can't go through another fight...

:cry :cry


The service by this company is terrible. Our next step is to contact the Attorney General's office.


My husband and I just signed up in April.We still haven't received our "Welcome" Packet but I was finally able to log into the site.

The rates don't look any better than Expedia or Travelocity. We were told by TC Woods that we would be able to get cheaper than rates than what we get with the military since my husband is with the Navy. Not true. I wish I could get out of this.

I am already out $600 and I feel sick. They willed and dealed us. I wish we had just walked away but they kept trying to offer us a better deal, etc.

I wish we had taken more time to think this over and do out homework.It did sound good at the time but it's not.

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